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Sanitizer Dispenser

Product Code: SM192509
Price : 1650 /- for 1 Piece

for 5 pieces 7250/-
for 10 pieces 12500/-
Inclusive of GST

Applicable Tax and Transport extra

if Customization Required:


The study of WHO have shown that most viruses and bacteria are transmitted by hands, so to improve hand hygiene is particularly important. Therefore, it is very important for people to have a good Sanitizer dispenser now. A brand new upgraded version of liquid Sanitizer dispenser, which effectively avoiding cross infection. You don’t need to set up the output of Sanitizer liquid. Just remove your hand away from the Sanitizer dispenser after using it, and the liquid will stop coming out automatically.

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 Machine Height :  101.6 cm

 Weight :  4 kg

 Type :   Foot Pedal press

 Height :  Adjustable

 Bottle Size :  Multiple GEL or Spray

 Consumption :  0.5 ml per Stroke


 Educational Institutions & Hostels

 House Holds and Hospitals

 Industries, Factories, Canteens, Offices

 Government Enterprises

 Malls and Theatres etc.


 Clean, Hygienic and Hand Touch Free

 Ease to use and Portable

 For Indoor and Outdoor use

 NO Maintenance cost

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